Deutsche Bank shares: three skeptical experts …

Three new analysts’ votes are reported on Deutsche Bank shares today. One comes from Goldman Sachs: The stock analysts just hit the price target for Deutsche Bank shares of EUR 6.80 to EUR 7.00. However, this is not enough for a further upgrade; Goldman Sachs remains “Neutral” for the DAX-listed financial services provider. After the US investment banks had shown strength, good figures for business with the capital markets are now also expected from the European sector. The estimates for Deutsche Bank have therefore been raised a little.

In contrast, Berenberg is still convinced that the share price of Deutsche Bank will fall significantly. The analysts stick to their sell recommendation with a price target of 5 euros for Deutsche Bank shares. Barclays is more attractive in the investment division, but the DAX group’s business in this division is vulnerable. Only a few positive impulses are expected from the division.

Barclays confirms the rating of Deutsche Bank shares as “underweight”, but at the same time raises the price target from 4.50 euros to 5.00 euros. This is also where the reference to possible strong numbers in the investment banking sector comes, but at the same time the US election and the corona pandemic could call this into question. Credit Suisse is the favorite of analysts in the sector.

In XETRA trading on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, Deutsche Bank shares were listed on Monday afternoon at EUR 8.02, up 1.97 percent.

At a glance – chart and news: Deutsche Bank


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