Commerzbank share: buy or not? Course targets between 4 euros and 7 euros

The series of new expert opinions on Commerzbank shares continues. Goldman Sachs gave the stock a “neutral”, but the equity analysts believe it has some upside potential. You can see the price target of the Commerzbank share at 5.60 euros – in XETRA trading on Monday, the Commerzbank share is currently at 4.425 euros (+2.48 percent). Only small adjustments have been made to the estimates after strong figures came from the investment banking sector in the USA – Commerzbank is not too strong here.

With a price target of 7 euros, Kepler is bullish for the Commerzbank share and gives a buy recommendation. However, the experts expect the MDAX group to be in the red, which is due to the costs of the ongoing restructuring.

A number of voices regarding the MDAX share had already been heard beforehand. The analysts of Deutsche Bank remain cautious, they are not sure how the sales will develop. However, the upcoming figures for the third quarter should again make it clear that restructuring is necessary; this is the only way to improve profitability. The experts stick to the recommendation to hold Commerzbank shares. The price target remains at EUR 4.00.

In addition, the equity experts at Credit Suisse have started monitoring the financial stock with a “neutral” rating. Nevertheless, you can see some upside potential with a price target of EUR 5.30. Nevertheless, the equity analysts have a few critical tones left for the title, not only with reference to the difficult German banking market. The experts believe that the cost reductions planned by Commerzbank are already factored into the share price and that the stock market is too optimistic about factors such as provisions and core capital.

With a price target of 5 euros, RBC is slightly below the CS target price mark, and when it comes to “neutral” for Commerzbank shares, you agree with your colleagues. The experts do not expect an update of the strategy by the MDAX-listed financial service provider until the coming year.

Jefferies gave a “hold” for Commerzbank shares and a price target of 4.90 euros. Various supporting effects are expected for the banking group’s figures. Among other things, the development in the private customer segment and cost reductions are mentioned.

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