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Bruno Le Maire, terrorism and Bitcoin

Bruno le Maire, Minister of Finance, “took advantage” of the terrorist assassination of Conflans-Sainte-Honorine to cut Bitcoin (BTC) shorts. An incredible nerve equaled only by Christophe Barbier who wants to “take advantage of this tragedy to revive the Avia law”. The famous “hate” law refused by the Constitutional Council for infringing freedom of expression. In the land of human rights, just that … These attacks on freedom will not pass. Thecointribune conducted the investigation.


A weather vane ?

First of all, let’s remember Bruno’s words before the presidential election.

For Bruno the Mayor, Macron “ it’s soupe “,” this is the man without a project because he is the man without conviction “,” an empty shell “. What praise for finally joining the Macronist government in pole position in the finance ministry.

“Macron is the man without a project because he is the man without conviction”

Bruno the Mayor therefore has no backbone. He is an opportunist ready to break his word. He is no different from so many others who ride for the powers of money and not for the people.

Who is Bruno the Mayor ? A character who made 3% in the right-hand primary before returning his jacket to settle in Bercy. Responsible for an unprecedented economic collapse for lack of opposition to this medieval confinement. And who can’t find anything better to do than tackle bitcoin while a million French fell into poverty.

Amalgamation between terrorism and Bitcoin

“The idiots, that dares everything, that’s how we recognize them”


We must strengthen our surveillance systems in the face of terrorist financing. For example, cryptocurrencies must be more framed”Dare Bruno the Mayor on his twitter account.

It is true that terrorism waited for the Bitcoin to exist … where was Bruno le Maire last month during the “FinCEN Files” leak that unveiled more than 2 trillion in dirty money laundered by Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan. Not to mention all the international banks such as HSBC, Goldman Sachs, Barclays, City Bank, Bank of America etc?

Where was Bruno the Mayor when it became common knowledge that theSaudi Arabia is the main funder of terrorism?

Dr. Saoud and Mr. Jihad

Why France continues to sell arms to the Saudi kingdom ? And then let’s put our foot in the dish … How is it that France is constantly the target of terrorist attacks? She who opposed the war in Iraq at the UN Security Council?

What kind of man takes advantage of a moment of barbarism to draw a parallel with Bitcoin, this free currency, symbol of emancipation from the banking mafia? Who else but an emissary of the money powers, servant of the system of debt slavery?

Bruno and the bank

This is what said Bruno in June 2019 on Libra, Facebook’s cryptocurrency project : “ a private company cannot and must not create a currency that would compete with the currencies of the statess “before adding this mind-blowing statement:” states obey the general interest, whereas societies obey private interests “.

The Libra will obviously never have our kindness but it is Bruno’s words that interest us here. Pure lies because 90% of the money in circulation is created by PRIVATE banks through credit. The remaining 10% being the responsibility of the European Central Bank which is a theoretically “independent” institution of political power.

So either our Minister of Finance is uneducated, which would be worrying at this level of responsibility … he shows astonishing bad faith in the service of the interests of gargantuan banks who have long stolen their sovereign right to coin money from States. Politicians like Bruno the Mayor are only bankers’ foil. The bank dictates the course of political rugs, not the other way around.


Unable to protect the country from the ravages of globalization, politicians are only good at brandishing the debt totem to justify social destruction. They use this artificial construct of debt as an instrument of tyrannical guilt aimed at making us accept our fate without flinching.

Bruno wants to repay the debt …

It is now accepted that we could perfectly erase the debt of states held by the European Central Bank (around 25%). But Bruno will not betray the usurers as this kind of speech shows:

“Today we are investing, tomorrow we will repay this debt, in particular through structural reforms […] the first of these being the pension reform ”

Bruno the Mayor / source: France Inter

The truth is that the debt will not be repaid. It will be wiped out with inflation. To say otherwise is quackery and mass manipulation. Modern society is built on an endless debt system. One does not go without the other. Every euro in circulation comes from debt. The euro, like the dollar, and almost all the currencies in the world, are “debt money”.

To put it another way, if we pay off all the debts tomorrow with a wave of a magic wand, there wouldn’t be a single cent left in circulation. Difficult to run an economy under these conditions …

Money creation from debt with interest can ONLY lead to headlong rush. We are also seeing this in practice absolutely everywhere in the world. Debt keeps growing.

And don’t think that some countries like Germany would escape the rule. The euro zone is a system of communicating vessels. If the Teutons were able to slightly reduce their debt / GDP ratio in the space of a few years, it is only because other countries (not being able to compete with German industry), have taken on debt in their place. to buy German products. Unless you discover a huge oil or gold deposit to boost exports and bring unexpected windfall of money into the coffers, the debt can only swell. End of the parenthesis.

Bruno and Bitcoin

This is what the President of the Bank of France in a column published by The world, Francois Villeroy from Galhau: ” There is no miracle, we will have to carry higher public debts for longer “. Before adding further than ” the treatment of debts inherited from the crisis will necessarily require a rigorous budgetary effort and more selective public spending “.

You will have understood who is the mentor of Bruno the Mayor… Our minister is the valet of a banking caste that can bring down elected officials by simply turning off the money tap.

All these booster shots should confirm the idea that the Bitcoin has nothing to expect from politicians. How could it be otherwise since Bitcoin is a hedge against inflation. Immunity in the face of this invisible tax that the modern debt system absolutely needs in order not to collapse.

Bitcoin protects us against the theft of purchasing power orchestrated by the endless injection of dumpers. So much money means more and more debt. In particular via ever longer mortgage loans. Year after year, armies of slaves agree to go into debt for up to 40 years to water the real estate bubble ponzi.


And this while the 0.1% enjoys the trillions distributed by central banks to grab everything. Including utilities …

Let’s end this right of reply by signaling to Bruno that there is nothing he can do against Bitcoin. He should also be reminded that good money always drives out bad money. And as debt becomes increasingly unsustainable as oil production wanes, the inevitable rise in prices will naturally push millions more to get hold of Bitcoin and gold so they won’t be the turkeys. of this bad inflationary farce.

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