Best trainers Ravensburger: “We have to get down to business”

Ravensburger Spiele is one of the best trainers
Ravensburger Spiele is one of the best trainersdpa

Why did you want to go to Ravensburger?

Ravensburger was my first choice because it is a global company and I therefore promised myself many opportunities. It didn’t work out at the first attempt, and only then did I discover e-commerce training. It includes exactly what interests me: office work and IT.

What do you do in your training?

I take care of our offer on Amazon, create a topic page, promotional videos, write a newsletter. I like that I can often work completely independently.

Sounds like you’re really challenged.

We have to get it right. But I think it’s good that I get big tasks and can master them.

At Ravensburger, the trainees also work in a “junior company”. What happens there?

It has been around since 1983 and is managed independently by trainees and dual students. We sell boxes to end customers such as kindergartens, look after the employee shop and the company tours – and should make a profit. I’m in marketing and we are currently working on restarting the website, so we really want to attack.

What are your plans for the future?

I would like to stay at Ravensburger after my apprenticeship, luckily the company gives us all a six-month takeover guarantee. And if I ever had the opportunity to go abroad, I certainly wouldn’t say no. has Germany’s best trainers Awarded: For the fourth time, 510 German companies were honored in an extensive study – published in issue 11/2020. Click here for the kiosk shop. The complete results of the study can be found here.


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