Wakuli appoints new B2B manager and Head of Growth

Wakuli calls it a positive trend that fits the critical view of young talent: working for companies where growth and making an impact go hand in hand. Hallegraeff graduated in International Management and previously worked at Salesforce. Seelen comes from Unilever.

Lieke Hallegraeff: Ambition to make an impact
Hallegraeff made the move to Wakuli deliberately with the ambition to bring about change in the world. ‘My generation is looking for more than just an ambitious job in the Zuidas; but towards a role where you can really make a difference ‘, says the new B2B manager. ‘I believe that when companies want to do good, they should not shy away from the commercial mindset. That is precisely how you achieve long-term impact and success. ‘

Joli Seelen: Growth marketer for a better world
Colleague Seelen, who started as Head of Growth last June, also took the leap from the corporate world to an impact startup. ‘What I like about the switch is that you don’t start from the skills of others, but dive into everything yourself. We use things small, so that mistakes are allowed and you can easily adjust and scale up. But more importantly to me, at Wakuli growth and impact really go hand in hand. One strengthens the other, so that, even as a growth marketer, you contribute to a better world. ‘

At the office or at home: Wakuli and Wifi
According to the brand, the arrival of the new colleagues forms the basis of the new plans for Wakuli to further grow and expand the sales market towards the business community. ‘We want to establish a connection between the range of Wakuli coffee and the large corporates, who can thus also contribute to a better world’, Hallegraeff shares, ‘In addition, it is especially important in these times to take good care of your employees. and that includes good coffee; Wakuli and Wifi are the two crucial factors for a pleasant working day – at home or at the office. ‘

The freshly appointed ladies in the roasting house

About Wakuli
Wakuli was founded in 2019 by Yorick Bruins and Lukas Grosfeld. For years, Bruins worked as an advisor for farmers’ cooperatives in East Africa and saw that the current coffee market is no good. The Wakuli concept was created together with friend Grosfeld. The impact startup from Amsterdam specializes in quality coffee that is roasted in-house. In addition to freshness and quality, the company focuses on sustainability and impact. They have set themselves the goal of connecting one million households across Europe with 50,000 coffee farmers by 2025. Through Direct Trade, they remove all unnecessary links from the usually long coffee chain. In this way they create shared value on both sides of the chain: better paid farmers and coffee drinkers who receive freshly roasted specialty coffee delivered at home through the letterbox. Wakuli coffee can be purchased through a flexible subscription form, taken out directly by the customer. For more information, see ‘


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