Transavia presents: this is how it goes ‘With us on Board’

‘You see how corona grounded our planes and how we then restarted everything. What has the crisis done to the aviation world and what needs to be done in order to fly safely and with a pleasant feeling at this time ‘, writes Transavia.

Customer journey Transavia
For the MarketingTribune file we spoke about ‘customer journeys’ with Angelo Fentener van Vlissingen, who has been working at Transavia for ten years. As ‘Product Owner’, he is now responsible for optimizing the customer journey and CX in the operation: from departure from home to the airport, to flying to destination and back home safely. ‘At Transavia we do everything we can to give our customers, passengers and partners as much control as possible. The more you can arrange yourself and the more transparent and easier Transavia shares information about the status of flights, the more you as a customer have the feeling that you in control are. Why is this feeling so important to our customers? In principle, flying is a means to an end, which can be a holiday or work trip. Of course, most customers see flying as part of the holiday, which is why we make this journey, literally the journey, as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. Flying can have an impact on your goal and if this is the case, you want to be able to anticipate and respond to this as quickly as possible, so that you can still achieve your goal without or with minimal impact. “

More important than ever before
According to Fentener van Vlissingen, Transavia has therefore invested in a “customer centric mindset“And our own system where the customer and the purchased product, the flight, are central. “The translation of the customer journey to the organization is very important here, because every department and every system can contribute to a better customer experience,” says Fentener van Vlissingen, experiencing daily, “Even now, in more difficult times. Covid-19 makes the whole “leisure businessHit rock hard. For a certain period of time, all flights have been canceled and our customers cannot enjoy their well-deserved vacation because of this. During these times we require extra patience from our customers, which is why clear communication and above all staying in touch with our customers is more important than ever before. “

Stay in a conversation
In addition to the current communication, his team therefore also continues to talk to customers, passengers and partners to see what they need and how to deal with the new measures. “This gives us the right insights into where we should put our time and effort in order to allay our customers’ fears and gain trust, so that they will eventually fly safely and healthy with us again.” The new series ‘On board with us’ can also be seen in this light.

Flight to Geneva
‘In episode 1 of Bij ons aan Boord, pilot William flies his very first flight to Edinburgh, we follow the hilarious Zenia and Lars at the check-in desk, we walk with the port service of Rotterdam The Hague Airport and flight attendant Chelsey takes us on her flight to Geneva. ‘ Anyone who wants to can subscribe to the adventures for free through this channel.

From the program guide:
‘We all know the departure hall, the gate and the green seats on board. But who ensures that the plane is in tip-top shape, that we can take to the air without a hitch and what does the crew experience behind the scenes for special things? In 6 episodes we see the aviation world just before the corona outbreak, during the “lock down” and in the new situation. What has changed for the crew, passengers and on board? You can see it every Thursday at 8.30 pm on RTL 5 and every Friday at 4 pm on our YouTube channel. ‘


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