Permira sells Teamviewer shares for 930 million

D.he Corona crisis winner Teamviewer is becoming more and more of a gold mine for the financial investor Permira. For the third time since the IPO a good year ago, Permira cashed in at the software company and threw Teamviewer shares worth 930 million euros on the market overnight. The 22 million papers were placed with institutional investors at 42.25 euros each, the investment company announced on Tuesday night. This means that Permira’s share, who joined the start-up company from Göppingen six years ago, has fallen from 39 to 28 percent.

For the investor, participation in Teamviewer is one of the most successful commitments in Germany. Permira Germany boss Jörg Rockenhäuser had put around 870 million euros for the company founded in 2005. With the IPO and three share placements, the investor has meanwhile raised 4.9 billion euros with Teamviewer – and still holds shares worth almost 2.4 billion euros. The company, which is listed in the MDax small-cap index, is worth more than nine billion euros on the stock exchange.

Teamviewer benefited massively, especially at the beginning of the Corona crisis, because many companies had to equip their employees for the home office. To do this, they increasingly resorted to the Teamviewer software in order to be able to maintain, control or network computers remotely. The share price has more than doubled since the exit restrictions in mid-March.

During the placement, however, Permira had to accept a discount of more than eight percent on the Xetra closing price on Monday. The Teamviewer papers had already crumbled by 16 percent compared to the high of 54.86 euros.


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