CureVac share: Nothing to see of BioNTech’s dynamic – at least so far!

The CureVac share apparently continues to create its hype for its IPO on the NASDAQ. While the BioNTech share is already close to its all-time high, the $ 85 that the CureVac share reached shortly after its IPO is currently far away. Friday started the weekend at $ 52.44 on the NASDAQ, but some technical chart factors could now speak for a few better days ahead.

After the hype about the IPO, CureVac’s share price fell from $ 85 to $ 43, from where an initial recovery began. This was slowed a few days ago at the mark at 56.29 / 56.70 dollars, whereupon the first profits were taken. The past two days have shown support in the zone between $ 51.10 and $ 51.52 / $ 51.60. In terms of chart technology, this is mainly due to the gap opened during the recovery phase at $ 50.60 / 52.10 and the support zone just below at $ 49.83 / 50.56.

After the first profit-taking in the CureVac share, the area could now turn upside again and will remain an important technical signal zone in the short term. If the biotech title succeeds in overcoming the resistance area around the last two daily highs at 53.19 / 53.65 dollars, new dynamics could come into the share of the Tübingen-based company – especially if the southern German news about the ongoing Corona- Bring vaccine project. Here, too, one lags in time Competitors like the Duo BioNTech / Pfizer with BNT162 or Moderna afterwards. New sell signals at the mentioned supports, however, could cause CureVac’s share price to fall back towards $ 47.21 / 48.46, the next support zone.


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