Best trainers Deichmann: laptop and leather shoes

Holger Olthoff is responsible for the online business at Deichmann and trained Hannah Kaltwasser there as the first e-commerce clerkKathrin Binner

Can shoe sellers work from home? Hannah Kaltwasser could. The 22-year-old is training to become an e-commerce clerk at Europe’s largest shoe retailer Deichmann. It is not on site in the branch, but opens the laptop somewhere – mostly in the headquarters in Essen.

On the agenda today: Article maintenance. Kaltwasser checks the stocks or formulates article descriptions for the approximately 6000 product pages of the online shop. “In online trading, you have to develop a feeling for what the customer would like to know without ever having spoken to them directly,” she says.

Kaltwasser is a pioneer: when she started two years ago, she was the first trainee in e-commerce at Deichmann, and there are now three of them. Little in comparison – there are a total of 65 apprentices at the Essen location, and over 3,000 more work in the 1400 Deichmann branches in Germany.

Hannah Kaltwasser learns with Deichmann, Photo: Kathrin Binner
Hannah Kaltwasser learns with Deichmann, Photo: Kathrin Binner

However, the e-commerce merchant has only been a training profession since 2018 – but one with a future. Online retail is growing, and at Deichmann, too, it does this more strongly than stationary sales, says Holger Olthoff, head of online retail and the responsible trainer. It is important to him that trainees get to know every perspective of digital selling, social media as well as the analysis of customer behavior.

Corona has given online trading in Germany a new boost – and the Deichmann headquarters in Essen the first company holidays in its history. Training manager Annika Jesse remembers: “We had to make new decisions every day how to protect our trainees and at the same time keep the training company going.” Everything should be online as quickly as possible. An easy task – at least for the e-commerce sector. has Germany’s best trainers Awarded: For the fourth time, 510 German companies were honored in an extensive study – published in issue 11/2020. Click here for the kiosk shop. The complete results of the study can be found here.


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