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Decentraland is a decentralized metaverse accessible by web browser. Each parcel of land is a Non-Fungible Token, turning the early years of the project into a large, highly speculative real estate market.


Its economy is based on two pillars: the MANA, a fungible token that serves as the official currency in Decentraland for purchasing land, and LANDs, plots of land using the ERC-721 standard proving your real possession of the land.

To be able to build on these sites, Decentraland has set up a very powerful tool available to users: the Builder.

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Presentation of the Decentraland Builder

This tool has been designed so that anyone can use it. That is, no knowledge of code, graphics or 3D creation is necessary to be able to use and play with it.

In addition, it is free and doesn’t require registration if you don’t want to do more than just have fun creating virtual scenes!

The beta was launched at the start of 2019 and required prior registration to access it. There have been during the year and many events (with rewards!) Have been organized by Decentraland to encourage users to test its functions.

But that’s not all: the developers were there too to improve the world invisible to ordinary people !

Basic function

Let’s get to the heart of the matter, what are the basic functions of this virtual builder?

Before entering the builder, you will have to choose the size of your scene. It can be 2 × 2 block but if you like to see it big it is possible to enlarge it as much as you want.

scene creation by DECENTRALAND

At the top of the interface, you will find the tools that allow you to to select, move and turn in space the objects you want to place in the scene.


You will also find functions to restore them to their initial state, duplicate or delete them. Of course, each of these functions comes with a keyboard shortcut if you don’t like always having to click buttons. You can find the complete list on the small keyboard icon at the bottom right of the screen.

First steps

Now that you have the tools to build something big, make room for your imagination. You’re going to need it, because if you now look to the right of the window, you will be able to see the number of objects available to create the scene of your dreams.

To start in order, just choose the theme you prefer from the list. The first thing you will see in the list is to change the texture of the ground: grass, sand, dirt or red, cobblestones… of course this is not final, it can always be changed later.

And then … well, you just have to arrange the objects that will constitute your decor. The order does not matter, the rocks can be put before the barriers, the roads before the houses, what matters is the consistency !

There is nothing to prevent mixing Halloween decor with pirate decor or having a planet appear above a Japanese bridge.

decentraland scene

In less time than it takes to say it, here is a nice base of a pirate treasure cache !

It is possible to drop the desired object directly to the desired location, otherwise a simple selection of it from the list will make it appear in the center of the decor.


When selecting the object when it is present on your scene, lThe three basic functions will allow you to rotate the object, extend it or even move it in three dimensions.

You must have realized that some objects have a purple background when choosing. They are interactive objects, that is to say that it is possible to configure them to perform an action in the scenery. We will come back to this in the next chapter.

interactive objects

You can therefore perfect your scene with the different elements offered or even better: integrate your own NFTs ! If you have artwork or even other assets that you want to display on the walls, you can make them appear.

It is also possible to import your own 3D elements in this list using the “new asset pack” button at the bottom of the list.

The interactions

A game without interactions is a bit like a gratin without cheese: it lacks crunch. If the goal of the scene is to do a treasure hunt, it is important to put in some puzzles !

So let’s take a door from the list that has a purple background and a lever that will be used to open that door. Select it, you will see in the options the possibility of opening or closing the door!

lever activation

Well, this is very basic as a function but this is just an example. The choice of objects available in the drop-down list will correspond to the number of interactive objects available in your scene.

Where the universe of possibilities expands is by going to the side of the “Toolbox


The tools available in this list are all interactive and allow you to even better personalize your decor. You will find the possibility to put a sound, a video stream or even a speech balloon there, but the most interesting tool is on the side of the “trigger zone”.

These invisible areas allow to initiate an action if the user crosses his field.

trigger zone

For example, upon entering this area, you will hear bird calls. On leaving, they will disappear. It is also possible to make any “clickable” area to confuse the issue a little so that regulars do not recognize interactive objects right away.

One limitation, however, is that of moving objects. It is only possible to move interactive objects. This allows you to move tiles from point A to point B, handy for accessing tall buildings!

A detail that is important is the possibility of putting invisible walls. As it is, it’s possible to access just about anywhere in my scene. If I want to prevent the user from going around the large boulder to the left of the stage to force them to operate the lever to open the door, this is an element of scenery that is important to remember!

invisible wall

Of course, it is possible to make these invisible walls disappear! In this scene, one element is interactive and allows you to deactivate the wall allowing you to appreciate the sight of a magnificent pirate ship. Can you find it? A hint: the password is the simplest in the world …

Don’t hesitate to go take a look and try to find the treasure!

The possibilities offered by the Decentraland Builder have continued to evolve and expand over time. It is now possible to train without having a LAND in the game, all from your browser!

If Decentraland’s graphics look like this, it’s precisely for this reason. Due to the few resources required to reveal the sets, this makes it a metaverse accessible to all!


And who knows, maybe your creation will be noticed and will appeal to an owner who wants to install it in their territory!

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