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What homeowners should consider in the fall

Clogged gutter in heavy rain
Clogged gutter in heavy rainimago images / Blickwinkel

When summer comes to an end and autumn arrives, it becomes quieter in the gardens and people retreat to their homes. For property owners, however, there is a lot to do with falling temperatures and stronger winds. With these tips, homeowners can get through autumn and make their properties winter-proof.

# 1 check roof and chimney

Rain, hail and creeping moisture: if you examine your house roof for leaks and loose tiles early on, you will stay dry when the weather gets rough. In order to equip the roof particularly well against storm damage, tiles can be fixed with so-called storm clips. Autumn storms cannot damage the roof. The chimney should also be checked for weak points. Because as soon as it freezes, the moisture that has seeped in can open up small cracks further and further.

# 2 Check rain gutters and pipes

If rain gutters and other pipes are not adequately protected from falling leaves, they can become clogged and eventually overflow. In the worst case, this can cause serious water damage and even cracks in the house wall. Standing water on flat roofs can even cause the roof to collapse. Homeowners should therefore remove leaves and moss in good time. The cleaned pipes and channels should be checked directly for leaks and repaired if necessary. If you want to make your work easier next autumn, install rain grids in the gutters to prevent clogging.

# 3 check outside walls

Cracks in the plaster are not just blemishes. Water seeping in can worsen damage to the facade, and damp walls tend to go moldy. Repairs can be expensive. It is therefore advisable to repair small damage early. If you lack manual know-how, you should leave this work to a specialist. Don’t forget the windows when you check-up from the outside: Are the rubber seals intact and clean? Damp seals can freeze and become leaky.

# 4 Make heating fit

So that it stays warm and comfortable indoors in wind and weather, homeowners should check their heating before the start of the heating season. If a radiator has to be vented, this is noticeable by gurgling noises. Then you should let out the excess air. In addition, heating should be cleaned regularly. Soiling increases house dust pollution and can also reduce heating output by up to 30 percent.

# 5 Secure the outdoor area and garden

In autumn, property owners should not only make their house weatherproof, but also the outside area. The so-called traffic safety obligation applies to paths and sidewalks in front of the front door. Wet leaves and weeds should be removed regularly to avoid accidents and trouble. In addition, the lawn should be mowed, fertilized and cleared of leaves before winter. Shrubs and perennials can be cut back and green waste can be composted or used to cover beds. Beware of sick trees and rotten branches: in a storm they can damage the house or fall on the neighboring property. Old trees in particular should therefore be examined carefully at the beginning of autumn. Once the duty is done, the free time comes: homeowners should check their outdoor lighting in autumn or can reinstall them. Then nobody has to grope in the dark even on cloudy days.

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