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ExclusiveInflated numbers: How big is the start-up Getsafe?

Getsafe founder Christian Wiens.PR / Friedemann Hertrampf

Christian Wiens was obviously doing brilliantly. In April, at the height of the first corona wave, the Getsafe founder took the chance to proudly announce on LinkedIn: “March was the most successful month in Getsafe’s history with more than 10,000 policies sold!” Vienna was seven years ago the insurtech start-up Getsafe founded, which sells insurance such as liability and household items. And if you can believe Vienna’s, then at Getsafe one highlight is chasing the next.

For example, Swiss Re recently invested in the Heidelberg company, as can be seen from the commercial register and Deutsche Startups reported first. The financing round is expected to be around EUR 50 million. In addition, Wiens and his company apply for their own insurance license from the financial supervisory authority Bafin. He continues to hire new employees, he has meanwhile reached a total of more than 100 people.

Business is going well, the start-up has just won a fintech award – and the team’s performance is “unbelievable,” writes the founder. Someone who knows Vienna well says: “Christian is a good fundraiser.” Which translates as: He can sell his company well. A little too good if need be. Because if you look behind the scenes, you can see that it’s not all as big as the Getsafe boss portrays it.

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