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Total Gas & Power Netherlands and Arcum Marketing
Most people know Total Gas & Power Netherlands (hereinafter Total G&P) from the more than 400 petrol stations in the Netherlands. Since 2013, the company has also been active as an energy supplier in the Netherlands. As Manager Indirect Sales, Korina Baar is responsible for the business partners channel. One of those partners is Aylar Sheidaei, owner of Arcum Marketing. Her organization works as an external sales organization for various suppliers. She talks about her remarkable role in the choice of the CRM and sales software that Total G&P uses to work the market.

Convince the benefits
Sheidaei has been using Salesdock as a CRM and order platform for a long time. “With this we work from one platform together with our sales partners and suppliers. We like that and we see that more and more parties in the energy world are making the switch to Salesdock. It ensures that we work together efficiently ”.

Total G&P did not use the same software at the beginning of 2020. Because this supplier is important to Sheidaei, she decided to pull out all the stops to convince Baar to switch too.

Resistance to renewal
Baar turned out not to be difficult to convince: “From my telecom background, I am familiar with the added value of portals. I had heard a lot about Salesdock and I am always open to new developments. With Salesdock I saw opportunities to work even smarter with our business partners (external sales organizations) and to improve internal processes ”. She decided to convince her colleagues of the benefits, but not everyone in the organization was immediately enthusiastic. “The resistance is understandable, many organizations prefer to develop portals themselves. I was convinced that we would find a good solution by bringing in expertise and combining this with our own CRM system ”.

Sheidaei was so convinced of the benefits for both organizations that she decided to fund a “Total environment” in Salesdock herself. This created a remarkable situation. The sales partner facilitated the software from one of its own suppliers. “Because many of our other sales partners worked with this software in addition to Arcum Marketing, the benefits became increasingly visible,” says Baar. When Shaeidei showed her Salesdock environment to Baar and her colleagues, something immediately stood out. Via this software it also sold additional services from other suppliers, which they also sell themselves. During the pilot, it was hardly difficult for Baar to convince her colleagues to roll out the software more widely.

Pure sales
“We think it is very important that the customer realizes that he or she is entering into a contract with us and is behind it. This became more transparent with the new software. For both the customer and ourselves. After the sales call, the customer automatically receives a confirmation that must be signed to confirm the sale ”. “In addition, this software offers the advantage that we can see which salesperson is generating which sales”, Korina Baar adds. She also thinks it is important to make things as easy as possible for sellers. “All processes are automated and linked. As a result, human errors in the administration are virtually excluded. And you see that convenience pays off. ”

More than just energy
The two parties work together and also follow their own course. Sheidaei about this: “It is crucial for us that we have our own software environment. In addition to energy, we are also active in telecom and other markets. Salesdock is not only our sales platform, but also our CRM system ”. Thanks to an internal link, they work autonomously, but have the same real-time information. The use of the new software system will also continue for Total G&P. “Selling gas and electricity is of course the main thing at the moment, but we hope to also sell LED lighting, electric transport, energy scans and solar panels via this software in the short term.”

More focus on customer retention
Baar and Sheidaei agree that there is a lot of focus in the energy world on attracting new customers. Baar: “The current way of reimbursing business partners makes it attractive to attract new customers, instead of retaining existing customers. We would like to focus more on the customer relationship ”. Sheidaei shares Baar’s vision: “Investing in customer relationships adds much more value in the long term. This starts with applying CRM properly. ”

The secret behind the collaboration
When asked about the secret behind the collaboration, a smile appears in both ladies. “Perhaps we as women have a little more eye for cooperation. We wish each other success. If no one loses, then two win, ”said Sheiadei. “The female touch”, Baar concludes.

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