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Ulrich Bensel, Head of Personnel at Deutsche Hospitality, with Nicola Wegener in the reception area of ​​the Steigenberger Airport Hotel in Frankfurt
Ulrich Bensel, Head of Personnel at Deutsche Hospitality, with Nicola Wegener in the reception area of ​​the Steigenberger Airport Hotel in Frankfurt Katrin Binner

Tenth floor, a door with the number 1000: Nicola Wegener pulls a card out of her jacket pocket and opens the presidential suite of the Steigenberger Airport Hotel at Frankfurt Airport. Fluffy carpet, dark furniture, a free-standing bathtub with a view of the skyline and the Taunus. Heads of state from abroad with their delegations, stars or wealthy families, including entourage and security personnel, usually reside here.

“It appealed to me from the start that I can look behind all the doors here,” says the 21-year-old. She initially applied for a one-year internship three years ago. She wanted to catch up on her technical college entrance qualification after she had failed the Abitur.

Your application landed in the HR department of Deutsche Hospitality, one of the leading German hotel groups, to which 130 hotels of the brands Steigenberger, Intercity Hotel, Maxx by Steigenberger, Jaz in the City and Zleep Hotels belong.

Nicola Wegener completed her training in June, photo: Kathrin Binner
Nicola Wegener completed her training in June, Photo: Kathrin Binner

The recruiters, who, like all colleagues in the industry, are constantly on the lookout for junior staff, took advantage of the opportunity and offered Wegener training to become a hotel manager right from the first interview. “Until then, I had absolutely nothing to do with the hotel business,” explains Wegener. “But after my second week of internship in the banquet department, I fell in love with this new world.”

The Steigenberger Airport Hotel, with 570 rooms and a large event area for up to 1000 guests, is one of the largest and best-selling in the chain. Even during the corona pandemic, it was one of three houses in the group that remained open all the time. Due to the proximity to the airport, there have been a few bookings from business travelers and aircraft crews. Nicola Wegener worked at reception during that time: “Sometimes I only shared the shifts with a supervisor and was allowed to make many decisions myself.”

At the same time, she had a little more time to study for her final exam. And even before the result was known, the talent promoters in the human resources department offered her a new contract: At the beginning of September, she started her part-time course in business administration. In addition, she is now working in the IT department at corporate headquarters with the new Chinese investor in Shanghai on the Group’s digitization projects. Your diploma also features a 1.0. In the group, some doors could open for them in the future. has Germany’s best trainers Awarded: For the fourth time, 510 German companies were honored in an extensive study – published in issue 11/2020. Click here for the kiosk shop. The complete results of the study can be found here.


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