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How the Treuhand turned a “wealthless shell” on to a millionaire

Bernd Lunkewitz’s publishing career started promisingly. On his 44th birthday in 1991, the real estate tycoon was delighted to soon no longer just trade in concrete gold. He was now one of the cultural actors in reunified Germany. That autumn, Lunkewitz bought the construction publishing house, the house of Bertolt Brecht, Heinrich Mann and Christa Wolf, from the trust agency responsible for the privatization of GDR companies.

The way was not predetermined for Lunkewitz: Coming from a middle-class background, he became a fighter in 1968. After a student job at broker Jones Lang, he got stuck in the industry and made a fortune. Despite an exuberant lifestyle, he remained convinced (to this day) that capitalism will be overcome.


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