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It brings tears to my eyes, but maybe it’s from the onions. Am I wrong to get upset over a simple update? Bitcoin (BTC) has already proven its strength in the markets by not shaking in the face of the KuCoin hack and quickly climbing back up following the CFTC’s announcement of BitMEX’s legal woes. While the Lightning Network has vulnerabilities, Bitcoin is boosting its security and resilience with the upcoming update that will allow it to work with Tor’s V3 addresses.


V3 addresses for Bitcoin

The next update of Bitcoin Core (version 0.21) will be compatible with Tor network V3 addresses.

The corresponding statement was posted on Twitter by one of the co-founders of Blockstream, Pieter Wuille.

The Tor network currently works with V2 addresses and new versions of these addresses will only be available from October 15, 2021.

Tor is based on an open-source platform that anonymizes communications over the Internet.

In July 2020, the developers had announced that the V2 addresses used on the network for ten years had become obsolete

According to the developers, the development of understanding of cryptographic systems by the general public represents a threat for version 2 whose bases have become precarious.

Version 3, in development since 2015, should remedy this problem.

For an even more robust Bitcoin

The document relating to the integration of V3 was presented in the Bitcoin Improvement Proposal (BIP) 155.

The team of Bitcoin Core approved the proposal and incorporated it into the version 0.21 reference document.

Tor V3 introduces many improvements in terms of cryptography and security: among other things, it reduces the amount of information disclosed on the network.

Wuille explain that Bitcoin Core 0.21 would be available long before the launch of Tor V3. He also revealed that this new version has a feature called “gossiping”, which allows hidden nodes to connect to others.


Bitcoin Core can be accessed from Tor through an “onion” address, which adds an additional level of resistance to censorship.

While EIP-1559 is the topic that angers Ethereum (ETH) miners, BIP 155 has raised high hopes among BTC developers. The Pentagon has created its war game to counter the Zbellion with a Bitcoin as a target, the update of Bitcoin is a concrete strengthening of its means of defense.


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