These foreign languages ​​are particularly popular

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In recent months, many people have at least broadened their horizons by learning a foreign language. The main reason for this thirst for knowledge has largely disappeared in the Corona crisis. According to the Babbel platform, its German users primarily learn new languages ​​while traveling. But presumably, so the provider speculates, wanderlust is currently playing a decisive role.

Most popular foreign languages

At Babbel in Europe, Germans are the hardest-working language learners. Most of the more than one million active premium users across Europe were counted here in June 2020, as the company announced. The ranking of the most popular languages ​​among German Babbel users was clear. English led with 47 percent. Spanish (17 percent) and Italian (eleven percent) followed behind. Incidentally, German was also in third place in Italy with eight percent. In Poland, it was the second most popular foreign language behind English, at 19 percent.

In the major German cities, the preferences look a little different. French ousted Italian from third place in six of the ten cities where the most online language courses were booked. Babbel had the most premium users in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt am Main and Stuttgart.

These languages ​​are learned

Often the eagerness to learn decreases significantly over time. Babbel also examined the languages ​​in which German users complete the most lessons. The most popular languages ​​were in a different order:

  1. Norwegian
  2. Swedish
  3. Dutch
  4. German
  5. French
  6. Turkish
  7. Danish
  8. English
  9. Russian
  10. Italian
  11. Spanish
  12. Polish

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