The 5 Basic Human Rights that Bitcoin (BTC) Protects

The weeks go by and look the same for Bitcoin (BTC). Each week sees the arrival of a new major player in the world of Bitcoin. It is now Square that includes Bitcoin in its long-term investment strategy for its cash reserve. All of this would almost make us forget that Bitcoin is much more than just an investment with a high potential return. Bitcoin aims above all to build a more equitable world, and it does so by protecting 5 fundamental human rights as I will detail it in this article.


Bitcoin is a monetary revolution based on disruptive technology called Blockchain. Bitcoin’s monetary attributes as well as its decentralization make it a species apart. In a world of the future where everything will be digital, Bitcoin will always be apart thanks to these last two specificities.

The monetary revolution embodied by Bitcoin aims to build a better world for all in the future. A more inclusive world when it comes to money where all its users will have the same opportunities.

This is where Bitcoin is truly revolutionary.

As the Bitcoin system is developing, many are beginning to realize the incredible positive consequences Bitcoin will have on the society of the future. Among these consequences, there is in particular the fact that Bitcoin allows to protect 5 fundamental human rights.

A lot of people don’t realize this, but a fundamental right is never guaranteed. It is by fighting for it that you can keep it for the long term.

By buying Bitcoin, and adopting the HODLing strategy, you are fighting for the preservation of these 5 fundamental human rights.

1. The right to privacy

Online privacy has become a central issue in recent years. The various scandals surrounding Facebook have made more and more people aware that the services of the Internet giants are not free.

In reality, they are funded by the use they make of your personal data.

Many understand that their privacy is at risk because of the power of the GAFAs, but also the growing plans of governments to establish a surveillance society. The Chinese example with its social credit system is being emulated around the world.

More and more countries want to launch their own digital currency which will allow them to phase out cash in order to have full control over how their citizens use their money.

With Bitcoin, you have a pseudonymous network available which guarantees your privacy when it comes to money. Bitcoin is one of the weapons at your disposal to add to a browser like Brave Browser or a messaging system like ProtonMail.

2. The right to basic banking services

For people living in the United States, Canada, Europe, or Australia, the right to have basic banking services seems acquired. Unfortunately, this is far from the case in emerging countries or countries under authoritarian regimes.

Hundreds of millions of people in Africa are excluded from the current banking system. Bitcoin will make financial inclusion quick and extremely easy for all of these people.

With Bitcoin, millions of people will be able to access basic banking services without any pre-requisites. Bitcoin offers all of its users the same opportunities, which is clearly revolutionary.


3. The right to security through encryption

This fundamental right guarantees the proper functioning of Bitcoin.

Many government agencies want to include backdoors in most online systems. Bitcoin protects you when it comes to the watch company money these companies want to put in place for the world of the future.

With the Bitcoin, your security is guaranteed thanks to encryption, or encryption for close friends.

4. The right to freedom of expression

People living in Western countries don’t always take the chance they have. They can freely express their opinions without the risk of sanctions.

This is essential to fight for every day. A right is never acquired as I have already said. You have to fight constantly to keep it.

Even in western countries, more and more initiatives aim to reduce our right to freedom of expression. This shocks us and we must fight to preserve it.

In countries under authoritarian regimes, this right is unknown. As soon as you criticize the political power in place, you risk losing everything you have by simple political decision.. With Bitcoin, you are the only master on board.

Since you have in your possession the private keys of your Bitcoins, no one can confiscate them from you. Plus, no one can stop you from using your Bitcoins the way you want. This is the strength of a decentralized system that has no leader and therefore belongs to the people.

5. The right to save your money

In theory, you have perfectly the right to save your money in the current monetary and financial system. In practice, the endless monetary inflation of fiat currencies prevents you from using your hard-earned money the way you want.

A purchasing power of $ 1,000 of 1971 not even worth anymore $ 150 in 2020 :

Irreparable drop in the value of the US dollar since 1971
A fall in the value of the US dollar of -85% in just 49 years.

In these conditions, saving your money is not something to do. The US dollar was designed to be spent, like all other fiat currencies.. The euro is obviously no exception to this rule.

On the other hand, you have Bitcoin which is real savings technology. Due to an offer limited to 21 million units no matter what, and with ever increasing demand, Bitcoin keeps rising in value.

Over the past decade, the price of Bitcoin has increased by + 9,000,000%. Bitcoin gives you complete freedom: you can live your life on your own terms.


By helping you preserve five basic human rights, Bitcoin empowers you to live your life the way you want it. With Bitcoin, you are the only master on board.

The most incredible thing is that Bitcoin offers the same opportunities to each of its users, whoever they are. Bitcoin promotes the financial inclusion of as many people as possible, and that is why it will help build a more equitable and therefore better future world.


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