Strike on Prime Day 2020 – are packages coming later now?

On Prime Day, of all things: employees in shipping centers across Germany take their jobs. Do customers now have to wait longer for the bargains?

Amazon employees at several German locations followed the call of the Verdi union on Tuesday morning and went on strike. The work stoppages in Leipzig, Bad Hersfeld, Rheinberg, Werne, Graben near Augsburg and Koblenz should last two days – in keeping with the Prime Day bargain promotion. The hunt for cheap offers must stop when it comes to employee salaries, Verdi explained.

The wage dispute between the online retailer and the union has been smoldering for years. Verdi calls for collective bargaining regulations for the employees in the German Amazon shipping centers, as are customary in retail and mail order. The corona allowance paid in the meantime should become a permanent salary increase.

Amazon is considered the winner of the corona crisis

Amazon could definitely afford higher wage increases, said the Verdi federal specialist group leader for retail and mail order, Orhan Akman. “Amazon is a long way from the economic problems that stationary retail chains are confronted with due to lockdown and other corona restrictions,” he emphasized.

Amazon, however, uses agreements in the logistics industry as a benchmark in which less is paid. Amazon offers “excellent wages”, emphasized a group spokesman. “The wage package including the additional benefits and our working conditions also compare with other important employers.”

Amazon pointed out that most of the employees work “like on any other day” and that the packages arrive on time to the customers. According to the company, around 16,000 people are permanently employed in Amazon’s logistics in Germany.


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