q.beyond: New participation program and share purchases

q.beyond – formerly known as QSC – reports major share purchases from management. According to the Cologne-based company, executives purchased one million q.beyond shares between September 1 and October 9, 2020. “Members of the management bought 500,000 shares, and members of the second management level also bought q.beyond shares to the same extent,” it said on Thursday.

The purchases are the basis for participating in the company’s new participation program, which will run until the end of 2022. For it to take effect, the company’s share price must rise to EUR 2.80, according to the Cologne-based company. “If the share more than doubles, the program rewards the ongoing commitment of the executives with a fixed number of matching shares, the issue of which depends linearly on the share price development and is capped at a maximum price of EUR 4.00 is ”, announces the company.

“We are supplementing our remuneration policy with the share program. It is an important part of aligning our business policy even more closely with the interests of the shareholders ”, says Jürgen Hermann, CEO of q.beyond.

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