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Nobel laureate in economics Duflo & Banerjee on the fight against poverty: “There is no miracle weapon”

Abhijit Banerjee and Esther Duflo teach at the US elite university MIT, where they have been working together on poverty research for almost 20 years. Duflo was born in France and Banerjee is Indian, both of whom are now also US citizens. Even before the Nobel Prize in 2019, the duo were among the most influential economists in the world.

CAPITAL: Ms. Duflo, Mr. Banerjee, you are known for your work in the fight against poverty, for which you received the Nobel Prize for Economics in 2019. What are the consequences of the pandemic for this fight?

ABHIJIT BANERJEE: It’s a disaster. First, the pandemic paralyzes the economies. But it also paralyzes economic thinking in many countries. The politicians


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