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The Brave browser rating has steadily climbed with the public as the protection of personal data has become a recurring concern among Internet users. However, the adoption of this browser has long been associated with a well-defined class of users who really understand the issues. In this context, it is difficult for Brave to represent option number 1 in the public eye when it comes to using a browser on their computer. However, the situation would have changed with regard to Android owners since the browser just received the highest rating on the Play Store even ahead of Google Chrome.

A near perfect rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars

The rating system of the application download platform for Android is of course based on the assessment of previous users who tested the application. Brave gets by with 4.8 out of 5 stars from over 238,000 reviews. This note allows him to take a significant advantage over the competition like Chrome, Firefox and others. The news was thus announced by Martin the privacy-focused browser marketing manager. ” Brave on Android is now the highest rated browser on the PlayStore. Ahead of Chrome (4.1) Edge (4.5) DDG (4.7), Firefox (3.9) and others. It’s time to make the change! ” he tweeted.

There may be several reasons for the leap forward the browser has made since it became available as a stable release last year. These include rewards distributed for browsing and viewing advertisements by putting the BAT token into play. add to that anti-phishing security feature and the choice made in terms of confidentiality against ad trackers used by the competition. This option, made for the protection of user data, allowed him to obtain over 15 million monthly active users. These figures, which date from June, then represented a 125% increase since the launch of its stable version.

Protected access to the Darknet

A few days ago, the Brave browser took another step forward in the protection of internet privacy. It is secure access to various websites using the darknet portal, Tor. It is true that the latter has been assimilated to illicit activities such as drug trafficking and serves as the basis of communication for unsavory individuals. However, it offers the opportunity to speak to personalities without means of expression such as political dissidents. Brave sets itself apart from the competition, which has often been criticized for allowing the authorities in place to monitor millions of people thus violating their privacy.


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While the browser has earned the best rating in its class on Google Play, it still has to meet the challenge of wider adoption. A larger portion of Internet users should already be aware of the challenges that exist in the protection of their personal data.


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