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Around 6,000 young people are currently doing their training at Telekomimago images / Future Image

Abdullah Mokhtar actually wanted to study business administration. In his interview at Deutsche Telekom, however, he was convinced that business informatics will become increasingly important in the future – and that is exactly what the 20-year-old is doing in his dual studies. He works in quality management and regulates the cooperation between the various mobile phone providers who use the Telekom networks.

Mokhtar is one of 6000 trainees at Telekom. There is a wide range of job profiles among the trainees: from those advising customers in stores to those in IT. The corona challenge could still be overcome. “We turned our training concept on its head within three days,” says Marina Kuttig, Head of Young Talent Development.

Advantage of the company: The junior employees have been equipped with laptops and smartphones since 2016, and not only Mokhtar as a computer scientist was able to switch to the home office so quickly. But it was important to Kuttig not to lose touch there: “Every junior employee should have at least three personal conversations a week with a trainer.”

Telecommunications is the core business, and the Group is even equipped to recruit the next year of trainees – three-quarters of the recruiting has been virtual since 2019.


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