Vinobox launches new online wine address for enthusiasts

Vinobox wants to be ‘the online wine address for enthusiasts’, with ‘wine as wine is intended’. In which some advertising veterans recognize a classic beer pay off. ‘People often do not know which wine to choose, with the result that they often drink the same thing’, says founder Harmsma, ‘Even though there are very nice wines that can pleasantly surprise you. With Vinobox we deliver those delicious wines to your home for free, tailored to your personal taste. ‘

What is Vinobox?
Vinobox is a personal and flexible wine subscription. Based on your own taste and the number of bottles you want to receive, you will receive a box of wine every month that makes you happy. Harmsma: ‘As an independent party, we are not bound by the range of an importer or retail organization. The focus is actually on the customer, the feeling and the right price / quality ratio of the wines. ‘

Wine experience
The wine company is transparent about the origin of the wines and this is distinctive from previous online initiatives from the wine sector. ‘Every wine from the range is selected by hand and we are happy to inform you about the grape, the winery and matching dishes – all important ingredients for the total wine experience,’ says co-founder Stephan Spijkers.

Convenience and simplicity
In addition to quality, convenience and simplicity play an important role for those who like to drink good wine: you order online, delivery is free and the delivery time can be specified as desired. The connoisseur who does not have the time or inclination to do research in the wine specialist shop, liquor store or supermarket, can still easily drink good wine.

As a gift for yourself or someone else
According to the founder, the flexible online wine subscription from Vinobox is perfect as a gift for yourself: ‘you choose the number of bottles you want to receive, you indicate your personal taste preference and you then receive a box of wine that makes you happy every month. As a gift for someone else, the Vinobox also guarantees a pleasant surprise; you personalize the gift by adding a personal message and in addition to the wine bottle you also give the special story behind the wine as a gift. The box is delivered in a specially designed box and the delivery time can be specified as desired. That way you give a complete wine tour as a gift that is certainly appreciated.
(PvWK, image: Unsplash)

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