Tesla’s Gigafactory in Brandenburg: Groundwater dispute at e-car factory ended

There has long been a dispute: Tesla is polluting the groundwater with the new e-car factory in Brandenburg – and using too much. Now the company has signed the water development contract.

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The US electric car manufacturer Tesla has cleared an important hurdle for the approval of its factory in Grünheide near Berlin. Tesla signed the contract for water development, said a spokeswoman for the Strausberg-Erkner water association, Sandra Ponesky, on Wednesday in Potsdam.

It is about the water supply and wastewater disposal for the first expansion stage of the factory. The Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (RBB) had previously reported on it.

Local residents fear negative consequences for groundwater

Tesla had lowered its forecast water consumption at its peak after criticism from 3.3 million to around 1.4 million cubic meters per year. The contract stipulates development costs and pipeline routes. In Grünheide, Tesla wants to start producing electric cars this summer. In the first stage, 500,000 electric cars per year with around 12,000 employees are planned.

Environmentalists and residents fear negative consequences for nature and groundwater from the construction. The environmental approval for the project by the state of Brandenburg is still pending, but Tesla is already building with preliminary permits for individual construction steps.


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