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The salvation of DeFi ultimately does not lie in Ethereum (ETH) 2.0. While Vitalik Buterin brings updates to its roadmap, Solana offers a complementary solution to Ethereum that would help address gas congestion and explosion issues.

A bridge to unclog Ethereum

Solana, the startup that designed a blockchain capable of supporting nearly 50,000 operations per second, has just developed a bridge to Ethereum baptized ” Wormhole “.

The rise of DeFi is causing congestionEthereum, a congestion which affects the transaction costs on the network.

Wormhole allows projects to evolve between the ecosystem ofEthereum And the one of Solana to benefit from the advantages of its network: the speed of processing transactions and a lower cost.

According to the press release, teams that have already familiarized themselves with Ethereum do not necessarily need to master Solana to use Wormhole.

Solana sings in harmony with Ethereum

It seems like Wormhole has been specifically designed for DeFi. The difficulties ofEthereum did not go unnoticed: the team of Solana indicates that network congestion associated with high transaction fees often leads to revocation of transactions.

While the growth potential of DeFi is high, these problems severely limit the inflow of capital and discourage investors.

Nevertheless, according to DeFi Pulse, the Total Value Locked (TVL) of the sector has just exceeded 10 billion dollars.

Other blockchains have flocked to DeFi, often exposing the limitations and weaknesses ofEthereum : the developers of Tron (TRX), for example, tried to reconstruct several applications of the DeFi ecosystem, with fairly mixed success.

Wormhole takes a different approach: according to the founder of Solana, Anatoly Yakovenko, his team wishes to create a harmonious and non-antagonistic relationship with Ethereum. Yakovenko believes that the future architecture of the blockchain will be based on multiple interoperable chains.


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That’s it, have we solved the main problem related to the rise of DeFi? There is always a BUT, and we will certainly find out in the coming days or months. We will then take stock of the Solana bridge. Inter-chain reconciliation is always beneficial to the cryptosphere. To work, this merger must not be limited to technical aspects but also organizational and strategic aspects. Bringing two worlds together: quite a challenge to save DeFi.

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