Singapore Airlines turns A380 into restaurants – fully booked

Creatively against the crisis: An airline has converted two of its planes into bars. Only traditional airplane food is served – but people love it.

Dining like in seventh heaven, even when the plane is on the ground: Singapore Airlines, which has been hard hit by the corona pandemic, has converted two of its planes into pop-up restaurants – and landed an unexpected hit.

After only half an hour, the total of 900 tickets for lunch on board the parked Airbus A380 on October 24th or 25th were sold out, as the newspaper “Straits Times” reported. Singapore Airlines confirmed this to t-online.

This is what dinner looks like on a disused jet. (Source: Singapore Airlines)This is what dinner looks like on a disused jet. (Source: Singapore Airlines)

For the unusual restaurant experience, buyers were willing to pay impressive prices of the equivalent of up to 630 euros per ticket – even though traditional airplane food is served on board the stationary passenger aircraft.

In view of the “overwhelming demand”, the airline extended the offer to two more dates. On all four days, both lunch and dinner will be offered in the restaurant planes.

Singapore Airlines now also delivers home

For frequent flyers who prefer to enjoy their plane meal at home, Singapore Airlines now also offers home deliveries. The airline rejected the idea of ​​offering “flights to nowhere” in order to satisfy the hunger of travel addicts for high-altitude flights. There had previously been severe criticism of the plans from environmentalists.

Singapore Airlines is not the first airline in the corona pandemic to try to find ways out of the crisis with offers tailored to frequent flyers. Thai Airways set up “airplane cafes” in Bangkok and Pattaya in September – and seemed to hit a nerve with it. In the holiday resort of Pattaya, the café in a decommissioned Airbus was almost fully booked.


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