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Satoshi Nakamoto are you there? If you can hear us, move your Bitcoins (BTC). Will the return of the BTC daddy signal the imminent end of BTC or an upcoming evolution of the network? 1,000 BTC from 2010 moved recently. We come back to the probable reasons for the interruption of this long ten-year nap and the possible impact of such a wake-up call on the price of Bitcoin.


Satoshi signs his comeback with 1,000 BTC?

About 1000 BTC dormants since their mining in September 2010 moved on October 11, 2020.

These Bitcoins worth a total of $ 95 in 2010, are now worth approximately $ 11.42 million.

The crypto-trader Kirill K was the first to notice the movement of tokens. Some believe that these tokens of the era Satoshi belong to a user who would have been part of the closed circle of the creator of the Bitcoin, unless it is about Nakamoto himself.

The era Satoshi refers to the period during which Nakamoto actively participated in the construction of the network.

Should we expect another Black Day?

According to Kirill K, the holder of these Bitcoins would have made a similar transfer on March 11, just before Black Thursday. Should we expect another crash?

A manager ofIkigai Asset Management, Hans Hauge, indicates however that this is a simple reformatting of the tokens according to the format Bech32.

Hauge considers this user’s attitude to be bullish: if he really wanted to sell his Bitcoins, Why bother with reorganizing addresses and block sizes ?

In addition, this amount is relatively insignificant in a market where daily transactions amount to billions of dollars.


Whatever the identity of this mysterious user, the course of Bitcoin does not seem to be affected by this shift: a few hours after the transaction was processed, this price remained relatively stable.

What if Satoshi Nakamoto actually trades BTC daily under a different nickname? The creator of Bitcoin may never have left. Hackers today find it difficult to launder their nest egg thanks to the solidarity of the exchanges, Satoshi Nakamoto will find it difficult to discreetly part with some of his BTC. Not sure that the Bitcoins he mined are actually for trading. It is more likely that they were already played their only function of the time: to be undermined to prevent an attack to 51% of the network which was then taking its first uncertain steps and to launch this great project which today seems more secure than never !


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