Flixtrain partner Leo Express is broke – this route is affected

On the route between Stuttgart and Berlin there was competition for Deutsche Bahn until spring: Flixtrain ran there with its partner Leo Express. But that’s over for now – the provider is broke.

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The Czech partner of Deutsche Bahn competitor Flixtrain, Leo Express, has filed for bankruptcy for its German offshoot. This is reported by the Berlin “Tagesspiegel”.

Leo Express operated on the route between Berlin and Stuttgart until spring. However, due to the corona pandemic, Flixtrain temporarily suspended its connections in March. It was not until the summer that the private railway ran on some routes again.

But not between Stuttgart and Berlin: Because the two providers could not agree on a resumption and compensation for Leo Express.

Serious allegations against Flixtrain

That is now the reason for the bankruptcy of the transport company, which is why Leo Express is making serious allegations against Flixtrain. The termination of the contract was not legal. There are significant demands that “Flixtrain does not want or cannot pay,” the newspaper quoted a spokesman as saying. The insolvency administrator wants to pursue the claims further.

Flixtrain, which belongs to the long-distance bus company FlixMobility, says: “The entire mobility industry is currently facing operational and economic challenges”. The partners are also affected. Flixtrain will meet its financial obligations, the paper quotes a spokeswoman.

In the medium term, the connection between Stuttgart and Berlin should be offered again. Customers have to put up with Deutsche Bahn for so long.


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