Airports fear for their existence – jobs threatened

Air traffic is suffering in the corona pandemic. The airports have long felt this. They are demanding quick help, otherwise bankruptcies threatened, warns the airport association. Every fourth job is directly at risk.

Billions in losses and no prospect of a quick recovery in air traffic: The airports in Germany fear for their existence in the Corona crisis. The industry association ADV called on political decision-makers again on Wednesday to approve quick financial aid.

In fact, the air and travel industry is in a second lockdown with a passenger volume of under 20 percent. The criticism of the previous strategy to contain the pandemic was the criticism of the previous strategy for containing the pandemic.

In a first step, the maintenance costs from the lockdown time in spring, when the airports maintained their infrastructure, explained ADV CEO Ralph Beisel. He put the cost of this at 740 million euros. Beisel asked for this in an interview with t-online at the beginning of May. He spoke of the “worst crisis since the beginning of civil aviation”.

Around 45,000 jobs at risk

The federal government and the Federal Council had already indicated their approval of the reimbursement of the storage costs. Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU) has invited to an air transport summit on November 6th.

Further help for the mostly publicly owned airport operators was necessary, argued the ADV. In the current and next year, the revenue of the airports fell by more than six billion euros, the association warned.

At almost all locations, the liquid funds only lasted until the second half of 2021. One in four of the 180,000 jobs is directly at risk, i.e. around 45,000 jobs. Despite the existing federal framework, hardly any aid has been received so far.


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