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Air taxis from the southwest are to be tested for air rescue

Such a volocopter could soon be used for air rescue. (Symbol image) Photo: Lichtgut / Max Kovalenko

Will the emergency doctor come to the scene with multicopters? The Bruchsal company Volocopter and the ADAC Luftrettung announced on Wednesday that a corresponding test phase should start in 2023.

Bruchsal – Manned multicopters from a company from Bruchsal (Karlsruhe district) are to be tested for emergency rescue from the air. Test operation is planned from 2023 in the model regions of Idar-Oberstein (Rhineland-Palatinate) and Ansbach (Bavaria), as the Bruchsal company Volocopter and ADAC Air Rescue announced on Wednesday. Multicopters are electrically powered aircraft that were primarily developed as air taxis in the civil sector.

According to a study with computer simulations, the use of small electric helicopters improves emergency medical care for the population. According to ADAC Luftrettung, a deployment radius of 25 to 30 kilometers with an optimal flight speed of 100 to 150 kilometers and a minimum range of 150 kilometers is ideal. “The results are so promising that we want to go into test operation with the project,” said managing director Frédéric Bruder.

With the multicopters that take off vertically, emergency doctors could be on site faster and reach more patients in a larger care area. The aircraft could help against the shortage of emergency doctors. Common rescue helicopters also benefit, as they could fly to distant hospitals and specialty clinics more frequently.


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