Aifinyo: Is Grenke’s fault?

There hasn’t been a lot of news from Aifinyo recently. It is unclear whether the course of the Dresdeners will not rise as a result. Within twelve months, the share has lost almost 30 percent to EUR 24.00. While other share prices soared after the height of the crisis, Aifinyo has had to cope with further price setbacks since then.

At an m: access conference of the Munich Stock Exchange, Aifinyo CEO and founder Stefan Kempf can only speculate as to why the price remains under pressure. Due to the business model that has to do with financing and leasing, some investors might be able to establish a connection to Grenke or even to Wirecard, as absurd as this may be. From Kempf’s point of view, however, there are no clear reasons for the price development.

For Kempf, however, it is clear that the liquidity in the share must increase. There is far too little movement here, which makes the share uninteresting for many investors. In the first step, Warburg was won as a designated sponsor and the Xetra listing started. In the second step, however, the free float must also increase in order to make the paper more interesting and more liquid, if necessary through a corporate action. Here the word “capital increase” is in the air without actually being pronounced. However, it would be a great way to bolster free float.

Kempf also recognized that one should pay more attention to the retail area. Accordingly, one wants to increase the IR efforts. So not only institutional investors should belong to the group of shareholders but increasingly also normal stock investors.


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