PodcastEx nightclub owner Bernd Termer: “I was a luxury messi”

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“You really deserve here, it was unbelievable,” recalls Bernd Termer. At the age of 21 he was already the proud owner of his first nightclub, the “Elefantenbar”. Financially a complete success: “The bars were going very well – that would have been fine.” Later he also became a partner in Café Möhring. “If someone says we’ll meet there, you don’t need to give an address anymore. I got 5000 euros every month. “

The change came in 2000: Bernd Termer was arrested, among other things for pimping and human trafficking. The headlines in the newspaper from back then have stuck in his mind to this day. The Berliner Zeitung headlined: “Last pimp arrested, 4.3 million confiscated”. Fortunately, they wouldn’t have found all the money, he recalls. Where the rest is, that will probably remain his secret.

But being a millionaire was never Termer’s goal in life anyway. “In the past I couldn’t even imagine a million and afterwards I thought: That’s nothing. If you turn around three times, it is gone. “

Does Termer know how much he made in total? “Nope.” After a moment’s thought, he adds: “It was a lot.” But at least he has spent a lot of money, he says. He invested primarily in watches and cars. These have even already stacked up. The former nightclub owner also equipped himself to a large extent with perfume bottles, furniture and clothing. That is why Bernd Termer describes his former self as a luxury Messi. And today? “I don’t need any more luxury,” he says. “I’ve sold all of my jewelry. I don’t feel like buying anymore. “

He doesn’t know what being happy means for Termer personally. But having money definitely makes you happy. In the new episode of “My First Million”, Bernd Termer explains why he means that despite his new aversion to luxury.

Our interview series “My First Million” is now also available as a podcast. It will appear every Wednesday on Audible starting August 19th. The entire season with 24 episodes costs 9.95 euros. It’s free for Audible subscribers. Guests of the first episodes are:

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