Retirement surveyThese are “Germany’s best trainers” in 2020

Around 666 companies took part in the survey on “Germany’s best trainers”imago images / agefotostock

Corona has turned the world of work upside down. The situation of many apprentices is no exception. For many students – who have already had a turbulent school leaving certificate – the pandemic has also created another challenge when starting a job: In addition to questions about the right career path and the right trainer, there is now a good portion of corona-related uncertainty.

The exclusive study for “Germany’s best trainers” helps with some of the questions. It summarizes which company offers future trainees the best prospects – and that for the fourth time. Together with the personnel marketing experts from Territory Embrace and the talent, 666 companies were asked about this from June to March. All together represent around four million employees and 138,000 trainees. More than a third of the companies took part in the study for the first time this year.

Many of the respondents felt the consequences of the Corona crisis themselves: the team and thus also the trainers work from home, job interviews take place via video conference – and in some cases the training positions are few and far between. The study also shows, however, that in a crisis all the trainers who have already worked to excellent standards have advantages. You can find all results in detail here:

These are Germany’s best trainers in 2020


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