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A new start in a crisis – or even better: a new start instead of a crisis. Even in times of corona, many managers think about their professional future and careers. met five people who were brought forward by a change – and analyzed why turning maneuvers, in retrospect, are often the best moments in life.

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50 years of the art compass: has been evaluating bestsellers and newcomers in the art market since 1970. For the anniversary there’s an overview of the long-running hits, a list
Der Aufsteiger, an exclusive art edition – and an interview with Linde Rohr-Bongard, who has been creating the art compass for over 30 years

US elections: In 2016, the white middle class made the choice. 2020 shouldn’t be any different. A trip to the white workers of the American Midwest

Nobel Prize Winners: Esther Duflo and Abhijit Banerjee received the Nobel Prize in Economics for their research on the fight against poverty – a conversation about solutions and new ideas

The best instructors: Those who are currently starting their professional life have to improvise. Many companies have made exemplary efforts to recruit their young people, as a large study exclusively for shows

Raw material for batteries: Nothing works without lithium, the raw material is in almost every battery. A photo documentation of extraction, use and consequences

Serial founder: Christian Reber has sold his first start-up to Microsoft. Its second founding has a clear opponent: Microsoft of all people

Company car: The company car is slowly losing its importance for employees. There are a number of ways companies can lure employees – and provide them with mobility

Belarus: The IT scene in Minsk and other cities is one of the drivers behind the protests against the autocrat Lukashenko. Actors in the scene report

Glass fiber: With Inexio, David Zimmer has built a champion for fiber optic laying. The next stage is ignited with an investor from Sweden

Climate protection loans: Even medium-sized companies cannot ignore climate protection investments. KfW is promoting the transformation with loans in the billions – not everyone is participating

Siemens: After various demergers and spin-offs, four different Siemens shares are on offer. Which ones are good, and how many are there?

Fund supermarkets: Many providers sell financial products at discount prices. Some of them lack service. A full study of the scene

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