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Let’s vote and put an end to these Donald Trump and Joe Biden stories. It is better to talk about Bitcoin (BTC) than about 2 political candidates who will not hesitate to play with the printing press, while not making fun of devaluing the value of the dollar savings of their fellow citizens. 2 crypto traders present today the possible scenarios for Bitcoin based on the results of these heated elections.


Trump and Biden control the markets

November 2020: turbulence in sight for Bitcoin (BTC) and altcoins. In question: the holding of the American presidential elections.

2 crypto-traders, BigCheds and CryptoWendyO, shared their impressions at Cointelegraph. For the former, in the case of a clear victory and a period of smooth transition, the impact on the course of Bitcoin will be minimal.

Otherwise, if the results are disputed or if the race between the 2 candidates is tight, the risky asset prices could increase.

For his part, CryptoWendyO considers the election to be the highlight of this year.

This election year is different from others given the pandemic and its effects on the global economy : However, this climate of uncertainty does not seem to have had the desired effect on the price of Bitcoin.

A bad end to 2020 for a good 2021

Twitter is saturated with political speeches and is the scene of tensions between the 2 candidates and their respective supporters, while the end of the year remains marked by fear of the pandemic, corporate bankruptcies and economic difficulties.

CryptoWendyO believes that the markets need liquidity to function, but currently citizens prefer to save.

The US government’s stimulus package also plays a role in this equation and the decision to Donald trump to suspend discussions on this subject led to a drop in prices on all markets.


CryptoWendyO believes that the economic situation should improve after the elections and hopes that this will result in an upward price movement for Bitcoin.

If Emmanuel Macron is re-elected, will the price of Bitcoin be affected? There would be no doubt that a smart kid has fun creating a party in the name of Bitcoin or that Donal Trump or Joe Biden announces that he is Satoshi Nakamoto, just to make the buzz. Bitcoin must decouple from other assets to explode, but will it ever gain its independence from political decisions?


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