Google member European Advertising Standards Alliance

The European Advertising Standards Alliance (EASA), of which the Advertising Code Foundation is a member, welcomes Google as the first organization with a corporate membership of the Alliance and as a partner of the self-regulatory network for advertisers, media and advertising companies.

The partnership with EASA demonstrates Google’s commitment to responsible advertising.

Google is the first all-digital advertising company to join the Alliance. It joins 13 industry associations representing different stakeholders within the advertising ecosystem: advertisers, advertising agencies and the media. All these associations are committed to guaranteeing and promoting responsible advertising. The Alliance also has 28 self-regulatory bodies (self-regulatory organizations or SROs) that manage and apply national advertising codes. This network of independent customer-facing SROs maintains high ethical standards for advertising. It provides advice, ensures compliance with the guidelines and handles complaints. This established self-regulatory system promotes confidence in advertising and helps ensure that ads are legal, decent, fair and truthful.

This collaboration will strengthen EASA’s network in these rapidly changing times, including by tackling irresponsible advertising using technology

Otto van der Harst, director of the Advertising Code Foundation: “We are delighted to welcome Google as a member of the EASA network. This will strengthen collaboration between Google and the EASA self-regulatory organizations. Through these organizations, the advertising industry says: We want to protect consumers from misleading and otherwise inappropriate advertising. This collaboration will strengthen EASA’s network in these fast-changing times, including by tackling irresponsible advertising using technology. “


Matt Brittin, CEO of EMEA Business & Operations at Google: “We strongly believe that ensuring consumer confidence in the ads they see online is critical to the future of our industry. This is also necessary to keep the internet open and affordable for everyone. EASA and its network of European advertising regulators play a key role in this endeavor. We look forward to helping EASA maintain its high standards. This will contribute to safe and responsible advertising for European consumers as EASA members continue to evolve to connect with our rapidly changing digital advertising ecosystem. “

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