Fairtrade Original takes first steps on the French market

After several years of growth in the Dutch home market and a successful start-up in Germany, Fairtrade Original is now taking the next step. From this month, Fairtrade Original has been introduced in Carrefour and E.Leclerc in the Paris region. The ambition is to grow further from the Paris region within France towards national availability in order to achieve even more positive impact for the small-scale farmer groups and processors with whom Fairtrade Original works together.

Promising in France
Fairtrade Original has found a strong partner in T&T Foods when it entered the French consumer market. Vidjai Jharap, commercial director at Fairtrade Original: ‘T&T Foods is responsible for the full management of the Asian range in the twenty Carrefours and two hundred E.Leclercs where the first line products are introduced. Our tasty products are all Fairtrade certified and where possible also organic. With the strongly increasing demand for fair trade products, our offer is a welcome addition to the Asian range in France. In combination with the proven popularity of our Thai curries and coconut milk in the Netherlands, we and T&T Foods see great potential for Fairtrade Original on the French market. ‘

Where taste begins
The ingredients, such as lemongrass, galangal and red chilies, for Fairtrade Original’s Asian product line are grown and packaged in Thailand and Sri Lanka. The products are inspired by local dishes. To capture the original flavors of Asia, Fairtrade Original, in collaboration with its local partners, developed the recipes for the herbal pastes, chili sauce and stir-fry sauces. In product development, the focus is always on honest and tasty products. For example, the spice pastes are prepared with exclusively vegetable ingredients, without artificial additives and the coconuts are processed into canned coconut milk within two hours.

More sales for more impact
The growth opportunities in France are important for the farmers and processors with whom Fairtrade Original cooperates. Growth in product sales means that more ingredients are grown and purchased from local trading partners. Because Fairtrade Original enters into long-term relationships with the farmer groups and processors, they are able to further professionalise and build a sustainable future for their cooperatives and families.
Vidjai Jharap: ‘Our focus now is to introduce the French consumer to our brand and our mission through the Asian line. In the near future, we plan to also make our coffee and our Arab and Mexican product lines available in the French market. With the start of sales of our products in France, not only will the French consumer enjoy our original, tasty products, but we also see a growth in our sales, which will enable us to make more impact. ‘

The new French range

About Fairtrade
Fairtrade Original is a food brand with a mission: to make fair food and drink accessible to everyone. Fairtrade Original is working on this mission with more than 100 products available in Dutch and German supermarkets. Since 1959, Fairtrade Original has been at the origin of taste and in close collaboration with their partners in Asia, Africa and Latin America, they have been building fair trade chains. As much of the products as possible are prepared and packaged locally, so that the original taste is preserved. Profits that are made are fully invested in projects that contribute to the mission. Fairtrade Original was voted the most inspiring food brand in the Inspiring 40 in 2018 and 2019, an initiative of the Synergie agency. ‘

(source: Fairtrade Original)

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