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“It is a logical consequence of our own development, but also fits into a larger, holistic whole,” explains Boits. “Brands used to focus mainly on selling. They were mainly concerned with persuasion by sending their message. They are still doing this in a smarter way and more personalized with data, AI and technology. But the underlying objective is still to want to sell as much as possible. ”

And that while consumers, employees and other relations increasingly expect brands to make a positive contribution and to be socially active and involved. They demand authenticity, authenticity and sincerity from brands. Not an intrusive vague acquaintance but like a good friend.

Real, heartfelt stories
Boits: “We love brands dearly and also believe in the power of brands. But there is still some work to be done in the relationship between brand and people. Actually, a brand should start by asking: “ What’s going on in your world, what drives you and how can I help you with what is important to you? ” And then it’s up to the brand to come up with their own true, genuine story . ”

Bart van Wanrooij, Managing Director The Oval Office: “You often see things go wrong there. Some brands try to link up with social trends and developments, but you notice that it does not come from their own DNA. You get that back hard. It is important as an agency to be a real sparring partner and to hold up a mirror. Every brand has a good, authentic story, but you have to discover it and then let it experience, we help with that. ”

In The Oval Office’s vision, every campaign starts from experience. Good, efficient communication is inspired and driven by real experiences and real encounters. “Live doesn’t lie – it’s difficult in a live situation not to be real,” says Boits. “For example, you can endlessly plan and tune a film and that often gets you further and further from the core. We create campaigns with a number of reality checks, moments when you really start a conversation with your target group, whether they are internal employees or external customers and relations. Those real moments ensure that your entire communication campaign connects with the world of the people for whom you can make a difference ”

Experience Driven Communication brings people and brand closer together

“The experience is the message”
Van Wanrooij: “It is very important to appeal to multiple senses and to make communication interactive. This is often forgotten in campaigns, but if you only send a story, the effect is small. This increases many times over when people experience something themselves, interact, are involved with it or are actively involved. Moreover, you miss the emotional motivation: if you really, really touch people at the right time what it is all about for him or her, the experience becomes much stronger. The experience is the message – message and experience are strongly intertwined.

Coronaproof live events
In these times, events and live encounters are not self-evident for the time being: how do you create multi-sensory, interactive experiences?

Van Wanrooij: “Real experience with a brand is possible in many ways. Technology helps with streaming, virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence, as long as it matches the experience well. A good example of making optimal use of what is possible is the just-launched campaign for Randstad Global. They have been around for 60 years and experience this with all their 38,000 employees in 38 countries. Moreover, they want to use the opportunity to bind everyone and include them in the objectives and working method. We now combine an interactive live show with personal stories and serious gaming. No talking heads, but a board member who looks back from 2060 to now, vlogs from employees all over the world and serious gaming in which teams online work together on the brand story. We create an environment where people can meet each other virtually, work together on assignments and learn more about each other. Real interactivity and experience through storytelling and also very distinctive from similar campaigns. ”

Boits adds: “In Belgium we still organize small-scale meetings for the BMW loyalty club, live and online and completely within the rules. Through corona, everyone discovered even more that we desperately need each other, that we want to share special experiences together and that we want to be personally and emotionally involved in things that really matter. Also during corona. ”

Experience without limits
International communication is in the DNA of The Oval Office. The branches in the Netherlands and Belgium have been working together for years, whereby the campaign is the same but there is always room for local color. Van Wanrooij: “We recognize and recognize the cultural differences. For Google we create experiences all over Europe and in the USA and for Android TV we even go to Asia. The world is our oyster! ”

At the table
Why should brands interact with The Oval Office? Boits is clear: “With us, brands bring in an agency that builds on a strong lasting relationship based on a genuine interest in people and brands. It is not only important from person to person, but also from person to brand. And The Oval Office wants to get the most out of that relationship for both parties. That is Experience Driven Communication. ”

The new website of The Oval Office will go live on October 15.

This article has been produced in collaboration with The Oval Office


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