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Does a change of director at a major exchange like Binance (BNB) necessarily come with a change of course? Teana Baker-Taylor says goodbye to Binance UK after just 6 months. You can’t say she really had the time to implement major changes in such a short time. The reasons for leaving? It is not so simple…

Goodbody: from Huobi to Binance

The director of Binance UK, Teana Baker-Taylor, has just left the group after having held his position for a period of 6 months.

A spokesperson for Binance confirmed this departure. The current head of development and relations with institutions, Josh goodbody, will take its place.

The lawyer by training, Goodbody, had joined Binance in January 2020; he had previously been director of development for Huobi Global for the regions ofEurope and D’America.

Baker-Taylor expressed in a statement his appreciation to the exchange, for this unique opportunity to collaborate with one of the leaders of the cryptocurrency industry.

This is not the first experience of Baker-Taylor within the cryptosphere: before joining Binance, the former manager of HSBC had been the executive director of Global Digital Finance, a crypto regulatory association based in UK.

Serial departures at Binance

Baker-Taylor had been recruited to develop the expansion strategy of Binance at UK.

The growing interest of traditional investors had driven Binance to set up in the country under the supervision of Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Binance UK allows users to conduct fiat-to-crypto transactions in euros or pounds sterling.

As with most of the exchange’s subsidiaries, around 60 digital assets are available on the platform.

Another well-known figure in the cryptosphere, Ajit Tripathi, had left the group a few months ago.

Former partner at ConsenSys, Tripathi headed the banking partnerships and payments department, as well as Binance Charity Foundation.

We have not finally revealed the reasons for Baker-Taylor’s departure. The latter obviously did not fail to express her thanks to Binance: a simple polite phrase to hide the discords in the back office or an expression of sincere gratitude? The position is no longer available then, unfortunately it is too late to send your CV. You can always try your luck another time or bet today on the next vacant position.


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