Tips for maximum returns on Black Friday

Some entrepreneurs can no longer see the wood for the trees. How do they get the most out of their products, how do they increase their sales and how do they get the most out of Black Friday? Van Riemsdijk tries to answer that question for MarketingTribune.

Shopping changed during the corona crisis, his company signals like everyone else. Figures from Statistics Netherlands show that the retail trade achieved clearly more turnover in the second quarter of this year than in 2019. Total turnover rose by 5.9 percent. But that is nothing compared to the records that the web shops have broken: the internet turnover of the retail trade was 54.8 percent higher in the second quarter than a year earlier. ‘

Against the backdrop of those trends, Black Friday promises to be even more spectacular this year. In the past four years, Black Friday has become the largest sale day for Dutch retail and even leaves the busiest shopping days before Christmas behind. This year is probably going to be completely crazy.

Frans van Riemsdijk, founder of, is optimistic: ‘On our website alone, we had almost a million visitors in the run-up to and during Black Friday in 2019 who were looking for the best deals and participating stores. We expect to make a new hit this year and break through the barrier of two million visitors. ‘

Corona and Black Friday Week
According to the government, the coronavirus is far from done with us, so the work from home advice will remain in effect for the time being. This means that consumers will purchase specific products that support them in working from home. Think of articles from laptops to office chairs. And staying at home is a lot more fun when there is entertainment at home, so the demand for faster internet and video games is also increasing.

But corona is not the only thing that changes this year, the duration of Black Friday deals is also expected to get a big boost. Consumers do not expect promotions for just one day, but current, new and competitive offers for a whole week. Entrepreneurs must therefore be prepared for Black Friday Week.

Van Riemsdijk: ‘In recent years, a number of large online web shops have offered Black Friday promotions for a week, not just one day. was the leader last year and had competitive deals from a different category every day. MediaMarkt also started in 2019 with a Black Friday Pre-Party a week earlier. ‘ It will be very busy, how do entrepreneurs and consumers keep an overview of all providers, deals and promotions?

Van Riemsdijk: ‘That is the strength of We offer the largest online platform around the annual Black Friday in the Netherlands. The website shows discounts from hundreds of companies and thousands of products. Entrepreneurs thus put themselves in the spotlight among the shopping public. ‘

That’s how you walk in on Black Friday
As an entrepreneur, how do you have the best chance of maximizing your turnover and making the most of Black Friday? Here are ten points that will help you a long way, according to Van Riemsdijk.

1. Consumers are always looking for a good deal. They want to see discounts, preferably with an indication of the total amount of the discount or a benefit in the form of a free product.
2. Make package deals. Link products that are running fast, so offer, for example, a bundle discount for Playstation 4 and FIFA 21. Or offer more discount when buying multiple products.
3. Create promotional materials for all channels. This means that your promotional material is displayed properly everywhere and is not cut incorrectly. This way you increase the recognisability of your product.
4. Use different channels to communicate your deals as well as possible. Think of Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, publishers and influencers. It may cost money, but you can measure the conversion and see what returns and is worthwhile. Do not forget your own channels, such as your news letter and your social media channels.
5. If you use an affiliate channel, deliver your promotional material on time and make clear agreements about the publication date. The right timing increases the impact and reach of your message.
6. Be ‘unique’ in your actions: don’t do what everyone else is doing and offer deals that aren’t offered anywhere else.
7. Be honest with customers and manage their expectations. Consider, for example, the capacity of mail deliverers that can influence the delivery time. Honesty prevents skewed faces from the customer later on.
8. Experience shows that (popular) product deals and discounts on the entire range work best. Make sure that it is clearly visible which product or which product category is involved.
9. Tip: put a timer on your website when the Black Friday deals are going to be announced. Include this in your newsletters.
10. Of course you also use the theme websites to get extra attention. Black Friday websites have millions of visitors looking for a deal around this time. Make use of those channels’,
says Riemsdijk.

About, founded in 2017, is the largest online platform around the annual Black Friday in the Netherlands. The website shows discounts from hundreds of companies and thousands of products. Consumers will find a handy overview of all participating stores and an overview of all offers. More information can be found at ‘



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