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PodcastHow Germany’s cities should become smart

Autonomous electric bus in Monheim am Rheinimago images / Rupert Oberhäuser

Artificial intelligence, blockchain or social bots – the future is digital. But how digital is Germany actually? In the podcast “So techt Germany” the best digital experts provide insights into the tech scene.

50 German cities have already started smart city initiatives, including Aachen, Hamburg and Jena. The digital association Bitkom published these results in 2019. A smart city aims to be more efficient, more sustainable and more socially inclusive by making better use of technological possibilities. Particular emphasis is placed on digitization, energy and environmental measures, and mobility.

Christian Haas
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Christian Haas, head of the PTV Group, wants to do his part for the smart city. PTV Planning Transport Verkehr AG has set itself the goal of helping to shape the traffic transition towards smart cities. “The subject of mobility is becoming more and more complex for cities,” says Haas.

Change in mobility necessary

The number of road users is increasing in most German cities, according to the ADAC. That is why it is all the more important to develop sustainable concepts and thus promote the change in mobility. Taking economic aspects into account, the PTV boss adds.

The PTV Group’s software is used for this. It is used to model traffic and control it in real time. “We build a virtual twin and simulate traffic in it,” says Haas. In this way, it can be recognized directly what effects additional traffic lights or crossings would have on road traffic. On the other hand, optimal routes can be calculated. DHL, for example, already uses this technology. This would save “around 40,000 tons of CO2 a day,” says Haas. So the environment also benefits.

Even if there are already some smart city initiatives in Germany, the implementation of the concepts still takes a while, according to Haas: “There is clearly room for improvement.”

In the new episode of the n-tv podcast “So techt Germany”, he tells which German city stands out for Christian Haas and what significance autonomous vehicles and air taxis will have in the smart city.

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