No hamster at second lockdown

During the intelligent lockdown since March 2020, 61 percent went wrong on certain products because they were not in stock goods. “So it seems that not all Dutch people dare to admit that they have bought products and suffer from hamster shame,” Manhattan Associates now said on the basis of the study. On Tuesday evening October 13th. the latest corona measures were announced by the Cabinet.

Buy healthier
Another striking result from the study is that during the corona crisis 15.2 percent of the Dutch say they say they eat healthier. One fifth of the respondents more often go to a specialty store since the outbreak of the corona virus. ‘Of the people who do this, 80 percent say they go to the specialty store to support the entrepreneur. Almost half also say that it is less busy than in the large supermarkets. ‘

Better match demand to supply
Several supermarkets struggled to keep up with demand early in the initial lockdown, Manhattan Associates said Distrifood. At the same time, restaurants were throwing away products because they were spoiled by the lack of customers. This can be prevented next time with flexible technology, according to the technology company in the food medium. Pieter Van den Broecke, managing director Benelux and Germany: “It took a while before all systems were adjusted. By responding to consumer behavior and having the right technology in your supply chain, you can identify in time which products are popular and how your stock is doing. Something that is very important not only with a possible second lockdown, but also at other peak times. “
(PvWK, source: Manhattan Associates and Distrifood, photo: Napat Saeng / Unsplash)


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