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Google Cloud wants to produce blocks on EOS

Still talking about promising technology when approaching the blockchain seems now outdated, the process having already been unanimous or almost. The challenge now is how this tool could be applied to different sectors outside of its native environment. In this battle, which is now of commercial importance, the major cloud service providers are stepping up. Therefore Google Cloud decided to become a block producer by joining the EOS blockchain community.

Become one of the 21 active block producers on EOS

These are entities that are chosen after vote by the college of blockchain token holders so they can add transactions and execute software changes. Although the integration of Google cloud has not yet been approved, the group is already showing good dispositions while emphasizing the contributions it could make. This message was carried by Allen Day, defender of the developers of Google cloud, who recalled his company’s interest in blockchain.

He thus declared: ” We see active participation of companies in these kinds of networks, and we believe that we can reduce friction for companies wishing to manage their own nodes hosted by Google Cloud on the network. We also provide cloud infrastructure to -the company behind EOS-, helping them host their own development efforts “. To his credit, remember that Google cloud has already started by operating a node of the Hedera network, but also a validation node for the Theta network, a decentralized video platform.

Cooperation to stimulate the digital economy

One of the objectives of Google is to show businesses the many benefits to be gained from actively participating in blockchain networks. In order to better set an example, Google Cloud thus recognized that this adventure would allow it in particular to strengthen its security system by relying on the advanced measures available on EOS. Senior Vice President of Public Engagement at, Kevin rose also touched on the benefit aspect. He thus thinks that ” Google’s participation in EOS will allow the advent of new business models for both parties to boost the digital economy “.

However, there is no guarantee that the integration of Google cloud to the list of 21 block producers will be made immediately. This is what clarified Mr. Rose : ” It’s really up to Google cloud and its engagement plans with the network community EOS to decide. And because voting on EOS is open and continuous, to ensure that the top 21 are always a real-time reflection of the overall will of EOS token holders, we will constantly assess the Google Cloud against our criteria, as we do with all applicants from block producers “.


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Despite Mr. Rose’s restraint, optimism reigns on the side of Google Cloud, which can count on the reliability of its service and the need for EOS to further diversify its block producers. Who knows ? Maybe Google will start mining Bitcoin (BTC) one day?


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