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GMH succession clarified

The corona pandemic is clearly causing problems for GMH, but the question of the successor to the steel group could soon be clarifiediimago images / photothek

The entrepreneur Jürgen Großmann, owner of the steel group Georgsmarienhütte (GMH), is preparing his daughter Anne-Marie for more responsibility in the group. From the environment of the supervisory board it was said to “Großmann is building her up to his successor.”

The graduate in business administration has been the only one of the three Großmann children on the Georgsmarienhütte Holding Supervisory Board since 2014. In addition, the former Bain consultant has been gathering operational experience at the top of a company since July last year, largely unnoticed by the public: She heads the railway technology manufacturer Windhoff in Rheine, which is family owned but does not work under the umbrella of the holding company.

The medium-sized company with only 300 employees was recently able to book a major order from Deutsche Bahn, thus securing jobs in the most important sector for several years.

“Anne-Marie doesn’t do that badly,” says the supervisory board approvingly. Officially, the company did not want to comment on the successor. Her brother Quirin, however, works at the ETH Zurich and rather pursues another passion of his father: sailing. Her sister Johanna has not yet emerged as a manager. Together, the three children already own half of the company.

The GMH Group is suffering severely from the consequences of the Corona crisis. Großmann had to file for bankruptcy in April for his intermediate holding company GMH Guss. Since then, a protective shield process has been going on there, according to media reports, the group has tried in Berlin for financial aid from the federal government.

Großmann himself has been considered tired of office for years and had withdrawn from the holding company’s supervisory board, but took over the chairmanship of the committee again last January. Four years ago, after a reorganization and the sale of a number of investments, the group returned to the black.

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