Formycon: Active Ownership invests more than 25 million euros

Formycon has a new anchor shareholder: Active Ownership (AOC) enters the company through a capital increase. The investor subscribes to one million Formycon shares at an issue price of EUR 25.75, increasing the number of shares issued to eleven million.

Formycon announced on Monday that the proceeds of EUR 25.75 million from the capital increase will be used primarily for the expansion and further development of its own product pipeline. The company will continue to focus on developing biosimilars. The company is also working on the development of an antibody-based COVID-19 drug that will enter the clinical trial phase in the coming year.

“Formycon is well on its way to becoming a major global player in the rapidly growing, multi-billion billion dollar biosimilar market. The upcoming market launch of FYB201 (biosimilar candidate for ranibizumab), in combination with the advanced development of the biosimilars for ustekinumab (FYB202) and aflibercept (FYB203), underlines the current value of the company, ”said Klaus Roehrig, founding partner of AOC.

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