Career5 mistakes to avoid against the boss

Symbolic picture: boss and employee
Symbolic picture: boss and employeedpa

# 1 Blasphemy about the boss

Blasphemy about superiors welds colleagues together. But if you do this in the workplace, you risk the boss suddenly standing behind you. A career can hardly recover from this failure. You should also be aware that managers can also be bullied.

# 2 “Reply to all”

No, you are not too stupid to use an e-mail program correctly. And yet it happens again and again that a response is sent to everyone involved instead of to an addressee. Internals to the competition, private matters to the boss, a flirtation message to the entire workforce: a moment to pause is required before each click on “Answer all”.

# 3 Get rude

In the heat of the (self-righteous) battle, it happened quickly: you became insolent. Not even dirty expressions are necessary for this. Perhaps you were frustrated that you simply bypassed your line manager when solving a problem. Now maybe the problem is solved, but the boss is alienating.

# 4 aperture

Aperture is sometimes indicated. A classic example is the basic knowledge of Photoshop or Powerpoint, which you certify in the interview when asked. It then goes without saying that these skills are learned before starting the job. It gets even worse when crucial qualifications are faked and then you cannot deliver in an emergency. It’s a short leap from white lies to interpersonal fraud.

# 5 Doing private things during working hours

Sometimes there is actually nothing to be done at work or an emergency exists privately. But quite a few employees regularly use their working hours for personal matters. Extensive online shopping, changing electricity providers, looking for Facebook friends or simply watching porn in peace – the fewer colleagues have a clear view of the screen, the more uninhibited some contemporaries use their employer. It becomes all the more embarrassing when the cheated boss gets on the track. The conclusion can be obvious: this position can apparently also be done part-time.

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