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This week in the ByKep news, we take a look back at the news that marked the crypto sphere, but not only. Indeed, news about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is gradually starting to reach as many people as possible who may not have been interested in cryptocurrencies before. The opportunity for us to see a phenomenon of adoption of Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrencies that is growing in recent times. This week’s summary includes David Guetta, the famous DJ, the ECB’s digital euro project and finally the launch of the ATRI token, the famous video game creator. But also and especially the news of the week: buy Bitcoin by credit card soon available at Keplerk!


Warning : This sponsored article is brought to you in partnership with Keplerk, a local point of sale Bitcoin (BTC) purchase solution. Investments in crypto are complex and potentially perilous for your savings, invest only with full knowledge of the risks of capital losses.

David Guetta joins the Blockchain and Crypto ecosystem

We have all understood it for a few months now, the COVID 19 pandemic requires rethinking the way we live and especially the way we can party. Indeed, it is difficult to imagine today a crowd of several thousand people attending a concert of David Guetta.

The star therefore decided to reinvent herself by joining, as you could follow this week on Thecointribune, the virtual reality platform Sensorium Galaxy. The platform will be launched during the year 2021 and it is expected to integrate cryptocurrency payments. Sensorium Galaxy also issued a token of type ERC-20 named SENSO which notably allowed him to raise funds to the tune of more than 7 million dollars.

David Guetta was very enthusiastic about the possibilities offered by the platform. Through this partnership, he integrates the blockchain and crypto ecosystem. And besides, this is not the only star who took an interest in the project, since through Jay Z, the Tidal audio streaming platform, has invested more than $ 1 million in tokens issued by Sensorium Galaxy. So, are you ready to set the dancefloor on fire with your VR headset?

No digital euro before mid 2021! Bitcoin, it is present

While countries like China are very advanced in the development of a digital version of its local currency by taking advantage of the benefits of blockchain technology in particular to improve the speed and traceability of payments, the European Union has made its first study report concerning the issuance of a digital Euro. This report explains that the issuance of a digital euro should therefore be considered in order to catch up with the delay in payment by the EU.

It was Christine Lagarde herself who explained the delay. The conclusions of the report therefore encourage the EU and its members to engage in in-depth reflection on the Digital Euro. A reflection which will have to be based on the realization of POC “Proof of Concept” in order to test the different forms that this new generation euro could take.

On the other hand, European interest does not mean haste and even less decision. The time is clearly to explore the field of possibilities before launching a possible project in the during the year 2021. A project launch that would not yet mean a broadcast, this last step will indeed have to be the subject of a larger consultation.

ATARI: public sale of the Atari Token on the platform

It is now official, ATARI will launch the public sale of its token of the same name. The sale should therefore begin during the month of November and will be led by the ATARI group subsidiary dedicated to the development of activities related to blockchain technology: Atari Chain.

The partnership with the exchange will thus make it possible to obtain Atari Tokens in exchange for your Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or even Bitcoin Cash. It should be noted in the terms of sale that the Atari group will recover 35% of the income from the sale of the token. This sale will thus finance the development of Atari’s activities in the blockchain and crypto universe. These will include cryptocurrency casinos and video games based on blockchain technology.


In order to follow the development of blockchain projects related to the Gaming industry, we advise you to follow The Thecointribune Gaming platform which will deal with this subject on a recurring basis.

Keplerk, buy Bitcoin by credit card

You also want to increase the number of Bitcoin in your possession or just getting started in the world of cryptocurrencies?

The services offered by Keplerk allow you to combine trust and proximity by making it possible to purchase Bitcoin in local shops near you. Since its launch, Keplerk has sold more than 50,000 point-of-sale tickets.

Today the Keplerk service will once again expand into very soon offering the possibility of buying Bitcoin by payment by credit card from the application available on IOS and Android as well as on its website. Keplerk continues with the goal of democratize #Bitcoinpourtous and compete with exchanges like Coinbase by drastically reducing costs, including mining costs.

Indeed, when you buy Bitcoin through Coinbase you must take into account transaction fees which amount to 3.99% without taking into account mining fees which are added to it. At Keplerk the fees are 3% all inclusive, there are no hidden fees. It is the choice of transparency that has been favored in order to correspond to the original values ​​of Bitcoin, namely the values ​​specific to the underlying blockchain technology which guarantees data security and transparency.

Let’s take a concrete example of a 10 euro purchase to better understand how Keplerk differs from a service like Coinbase:

CB purchase 10 euros Keplerk Coinbase
Transaction fees € 0.30 € 0.39
Mining fees 0 € € 0.41
Value of BTC delivered € 9.70 € 9

This demonstration is all the more interesting as the minimum purchase price is set at only 10 euros, while many exchanges impose a minimum purchase of 25 euros. A very low purchase threshold that follows Keplerk’s strategic line of making Bitcoin truly accessible to everyone.

Finally, by downloading the application for free on IOS and Android, you can also secure your Bitcoin in a wallet which acts as an electronic safe for your cryptocurrencies. This Wallet is offered to you for an unlimited time on the application and will allow you to secure your Bitcoins but also to receive and send them to your friends. Finally, you can also use the wallet to pay in physical or online stores that already accept Bitcoin!


Go quickly to to locate the point of sale closest to you where you can get your Bitcoins. In the meantime, you can start by downloading the application and opening your Bitcoin wallet.


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