ADE celebrates silence in new film

In order not to let the 25th edition of the annual Amsterdam Dance Event go unnoticed, the organization presents a new campaign film, developed by directors Joost Biesheuvel and Boris Acket. The film celebrates the dance, but also the silence we currently live in.

Image: still from film.

Called the movie ‘Silence between the notes’ celebrates the dance, but also the silence we now live in. Due to corona, Amsterdam Dance Event, which traditionally takes place in the third week of October, is also canceled. Last year the event attracted 400,000 visitors to Amsterdam.

In the film, silence is portrayed as an essential part of the music. It was Mozart who said: music is not in the notes, but in the silence between them. The young directors Joost Biesheuvel and Boris Acket therefore, in collaboration with Lumus Instruments, show ‘the origin of music through silence’ in the film. The duo about the production: ‘A sonic birth, through silence. In the beginning there was only sound; all frequencies are heard at the same time, but by adding silence, rhythm is created in the chaos. ‘

Watch the movie here.


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