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At the end of September, The Sandbox (SAND) announced many changes to appear in the next Alpha version of the Game Maker. One of them now seems effective namely integrating avatars into The Sandbox’s metaverse. A news that should delight the large community of users who have also been entitled to a presentation of the various existing options. We deliver some elements here if you are a fan of The Sandbox games also interested in this new option.


Over 20 avatar models already available

For this small revolution in The Sandbox universe, the technical team has therefore launched a new website where it will be possible for different users to choose an avatar. They will of course be able to save this one and use it by connecting to the various games of the Sandbox metaverse. A list of more than 20 predefined avatar models has therefore been made available to them to make their choices. These models have also been designed by the best artists of the box who have already left their mark on the very special universe of The Sandbox.

After choosing their avatar, the user can therefore connect to their Sandbox account to access the Game Maker. Once this step is completed, he will notice the appearance of the chosen avatar during these next multiplayer experiences. The same will of course be the case for any other player who interacts with him and who also has an avatar. In other words, apart from the usual nicknames, avatars will identify participants online during a multiplayer game session.

Customization option coming soon

When you usually choose a default avatar, some modifications are necessary so that it best reflects your identity or the character you play. These include the outfit, hairstyle, complexion or different accessories to create a unique style. The Sandbox therefore plans to add this option in the coming days to allow these thousands of users to properly customize their avatar. The metaverse The Sandbox being a place where several users with different styles interact, it is essential that their avatars reflect this reality.


The Sandbox hopes to make its gaming metaverse even more fun with customizable looking avatars to mark your presence between players. The other notable changes of the Game Maker update should soon be announced through the various platforms dedicated to the community.

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